Как включить лазер на айфоне
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Как включить лазер на айфоне

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How to use your iPhone as a laser pointer

Jeffrey Dunn

I struggled to keep up with classwork during my time in school. I managed to compensate by working extra hard after class and by seeking out assistance whenever possible. One of the biggest problems I faced during my time in classrooms was simply trying to understand where a teacher was pointing. They rarely used pointer sticks unless it was for a large map or something akin to that.

Instead, I was left scratching my head trying to understand what exactly was being discussed. I’m no moron, mind you. I can hold my own in terms of academic discussions. So I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I’m not the only one who gets a bit lost in classrooms where teachers are gesturing and pointing at aspects with little regard to a student’s ability to follow along. I remember many times I was left more confused than informed.

Then something changed.

I took an art history course at my college (university to our non-U.S. readers) where the teacher used a laser pointer to point out key elements of a painting, statues, etc. It was instantly easier to understand what key element was being discussed. I didn’t get an A+ in the course but I did manage to get an A in it thanks in part to the newfound ability to focus on things with laser-like focus. See what I did there? Lasers? Anyone? Is this thing on?

Carrying around a laser pointer is a pain in the butt. It needs separate batteries, good ones cost quite a bit of money, and you may lose it.

What if you could use your iPhone as a laser pointer? What if there was a super sweet deal that let you get the iPin iPhone laser pointer for 23% off? For just 5 days as of this post’s publication, you can get an iPhone laser pointer for $42.99. They’re normally $56, by the way.

Click here to check out the deal. Limited time offer (5 days as of the publishing this post)

Want to learn a bit more about how it works? Check out this video:

About The iPin iPhone Laser Pointer

The same laser pointer that you chased your cat with as a kid comes in handy these days as a professional presentation tool. Rather than deal with batteries dying, and keeping track of yet another gadget, iPin conveniently beams a powerful red laser right out of your iPhone. This expertly-engineered device fits directly into your headphone jack, and the award-winning app gives you complete control over your audience right from your phone screen.

“Designed strictly for safe work purposes like highlighting information during a presentation, the iPin sips power from your iPhone but shouldn’t drain its battery.” Andrew Liszewski, Gizmodo

  • Enjoy the power of a laser pointer without carrying a bulky gadget around
  • Never deal w/ replacing batteries
  • Get wireless presentation control straight from your phone
  • Turn on & off w/ the built-in switch, so there’s no need to unplug to make a call
  • Seamlessly fit it right inside your headphone mini jack


  • Compatible w/ iPhone 3GS or later (NOTE: not compatible w/ iPhone 6 Plus or 6s Plus)
  • iPod Touch 4G or later
  • iPad
  • NOT compatible w/ iOS devices purchased in the European Union or conforming to EU volume limit regulation

Designed for iPhone cases less than 2mm thick


  • Free shipping
  • Ships to: Continental US

Expected Delivery: Nov 8 — Nov 15


  • Size: 1.9 cm
  • Weight: < 1 gram


  • iPin Laser Pointer for iPhone
  • Earphone Clip (for storage of iPin Laser)

Click here to check out the deal. Limited time offer (5 days as of the publishing this post)

This deal features an affiliate link that gives the Daily Genius team a small portion of the profit from any sale made. There is no additional / extra cost to you and we only choose deals based on their value to the Daily Genius community. Not all links for Daily Genius Deals are affiliate-based and we will disclose them when they are. Thanks for understanding!

Как подключить лазер к iOS-устройству и наслаждаться удобной работой

Лазерный указатель — удобный и популярный инструмент для презентаций, лекций и других мероприятий, где требуется подчеркивание определенных моментов. Существуют специальные лазерные устройства, которые можно подключить к iOS-устройству, чтобы наслаждаться удобной работой.


Перед тем, как начать работать с лазерным указателем на iOS-устройстве, необходимо убедиться, что у вас есть все необходимые инструменты. Как правило, для этого потребуется:

  • лазерный указатель (совместимый с устройством iOS);
  • iOS-устройство (iPhone, iPad или iPod Touch);
  • шнур для подключения лазерного устройства к iOS-устройству;
  • приложение (для управления лазерным указателем).

Подключение лазерного указателя

Перед подключением лазерного указателя к iOS-устройству, убедитесь, что у вас есть подходящее приложение. Есть множество разных приложений, которые предназначены для управления лазерными указателями, поэтому необходимо выбрать то, которое наиболее подходит для вашего устройства.

После того как приложение установлено, подключите лазерный указатель к iOS-устройству, используя шнур. Вставьте один конец шнура в разъем на лазерном устройстве, а другой — в разъем на iOS-устройстве. Как только лазерный указатель будет успешно подключен к устройству, можно приступать к работе.

Управление лазерным указателем

Приложение для управления лазерным указателем должно предоставлять необходимые функции для работы с ним. Оно может содержать такие функции, как изменение цвета лазера, изменение яркости и другие полезные опции.

Как только приложение запущено и подключено к лазерному устройству, можно начинать использовать его. Некоторые приложения могут также позволять записывать лекции, добавлять заметки и управлять слайдами презентации, что значительно облегчает работу.


Лазерные указатели являются незаменимым инструментом для презентаций, лекций и других мероприятий, где требуется подчеркивание определенных моментов. Подключение лазерного указателя к iOS-устройству не требует специальных навыков, достаточно всего лишь установить необходимое приложение и подключить шнур. Используйте лазерный указатель с удобством и наслаждайтесь плавной работой на своем iOS-устройстве.

How to Use LiDAR on Your iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max

Last year, Apple brought LiDAR scanning to its smartphone lineup (after being available on iPad Pro). And this year, that same feature is found across a couple of iPhone 13 models. Since this is still a new (and somewhat unexplored) feature, we’re here to help you understand it. So, let’s talk about how to use LiDAR on your iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max.

Keep in mind that the LiDAR scanner is found on the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max models. That means that iPhone 13 ‘standard’ and Mini don’t have this feature. And also, LiDAR can be found on last year’s iPhone ‘Pro’ models as well.

What Exactly Is LiDAR?

In general, LiDAR is used to build a 3D model of any type of environment. That means that LiDAR helps your iPhone understand its physical surroundings.

It’s important to understand that Apple didn’t invent LiDAR. This technology has been used for a while in airplanes and helicopters, providing topographic and bathymetric measurements, letting government agencies examine natural and manmade environments with great accuracy. Of course, there are many other possible uses of LiDAR as well.

With that said, know that Apple has optimized LiDAR for use in smartphones. For the most part, it’s used in AR (augmented reality) apps that let you interact with virtual objects in your physical environment.

Where Is the iPhone 13 Pro’s LiDAR Scanner Located?

When it comes to the iPhone 13 lineup, you’ll find the LiDAR scanner placed on the backside underneath your iPhone’s three cameras.

More precisely, the LiDAR scanner is the dark circle opposite the flash. And since you can find the LiDAR scanner only on the backside of your iPhone, this feature can only be used with rear-facing cameras.

How to Use LiDAR on Your iPhone 13?

You can’t use LiDAR on its own, as iOS doesn’t provide you with direct access to this feature. That means that you need to use an app that has support for LiDAR scanning, which is often combined with some other feature.

For example, you can utilize LiDAR via the Camera app. If you take a look at your iPhone 13’s camera specs, you’ll see a step forward in comparison to the previous generation. Aside from bigger sensors and other improvements, iOS 15 also enhances how the Camera app uses liDAR.

More precisely, you’ll use LiDAR each time you take a low-light photo. That’s because iOS 15 will automatically trigger LiDAR scanning in low-light conditions, helping your iPhone’s camera auto-focus much faster and provide better-contrasted images at night.

Another excellent example of how LiDAR is utilized in iOS is Apple’s Measure app, turning your phone into a tape measure. That app works across a vast range of iPhones, relying on their camera systems. However, if you have a LiDAR-equipped iPhone, you’ll get much faster and more accurate measurements of your physical environment.

What Else You Can Do with LiDAR on iPhone?

We don’t have too many examples of third-party iOS apps utilizing LiDAR. However, what’s available now gives you a taste of what to expect. So, here are some of the best apps that let you experience LiDAR in all of its glory.

  • IKEA Place: As a way to let you test-drive its furniture, IKEA offers a way to preview true-to-scale models in your own apartment. That’s done via the IKEA Place app, which brings a huge selection of furniture, letting you reposition it and move it around your home. And also, the app enables you to add more than a single piece of furniture.
  • Canvas (Pocket 3D Room Scanner): This app is used by professionals who need 3D models of different types of spaces (interiors). As its name says, Canvas lets you scan your home using iPhone’s LiDAR scanner, translating those measurements into a 3D model that can be edited using applications like AutoCAD, Revit, SketchUp, and similar.
  • Polycam (LiDAR & 3D Scanner): In many ways, Polycam is similar to Canvas. However, what’s interesting about this app is the way it generates 3D models. Of course, you can use LiDAR to create accurate models of any environment or individual object. However, you can generate 3D captures from images as well, which can be later edited using 3D software.
  • Playground AR: Physics Sandbox: And lastly, iOS games can also use LiDAR. In this case, we have an excellent example of how you can create virtual worlds inside your own home. And also, you get to interact with those objects in real-time, using modifiers that affect your virtual creations.

Want to learn more about your brand-new phone? If that’s so, make sure to check our latest iPhone 13-related articles. Aside from news, you’ll find a nice range of guides and tutorials, showing you what’s new in the 2021 iPhone generation.

And finally, thanks for reading! That would be all on how to use LiDAR on your iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max. In case of any questions, make sure to use the comments section below.

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