Как сделать граффити на айфоне
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Как сделать граффити на айфоне

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Где найти Memoji в Айфоне

Всех пользователей новых устройств iPhone заинтересовала особая функция. Это анимированные смайлики, которые умеют корчить весёлые рожицы из экранов смартфона. Им уже дали имя — мемоджи . Из этой статьи вы узнаете, где можно найти мemoji в вашем Айфоне. А также что это в новых устройствах Apple.

Что важно знать о Memoji?

Многие пользователи могут запутаться, так как сами представители компании часто называют свои эмодзи по-разному: мемоджи, мемодзи, анимоджи . По всей видимости во всех случаях подразумевается одно и то — новые анимированные эмодзи, которые могут повторять мимику нашего лица. Представьте, что вы станете улыбаться смайлику на экране Айфона, а он будет улыбаться вам в ответ. Или вы начнёте гримасничать — и он тут же повторит за вами. Очень забавно. Но, к сожалению, доступно не на всех устройствах.

Особенности мемоджи: Пояснение:
Тип поддерживаемых устройств Мемоджи могут наблюдать в своих устройствах лишь те, кто приобрёл iPad или iPhone с iOS 12. Вы также сможете использовать анимоджи, если приобрели iPhone X.
Поддержка анимации Простые и статические иконки, которые раньше ничего не могли, теперь превращаются в анимированных самостоятельных персонажей. Более того, этими необычными зверюшками и весёлыми мордашками можно делиться с друзьями.
Разные способы отправки Доступно три способа отправки: как видео, фотография или стикер.

Memoji будут работать только в устройстве с функцией Face ID . Переписка с друзьями через мобильный телефон приобретает новый формат.

Например, вы печатаете сообщение и хотите добавить шутку к напечатанному:

  1. Открываете момоджи, включаете запись экрана (звук с микрофона) и проговариваете сообщение;
  2. Затем завершаете запись и редактируете, если необходимо;
  3. Осталось прикрепить отснятое видео и отправить.

Где можно найти в мемоджи в iPhone

Давайте узнаем, где поселились Memoji и как их найти в вашем Айфоне. Их основное назначение, как и в других местах — использование при общении . Поэтому применяются они чаще всего при переписке. И добавляются, как и в предыдущих версиях iOS из блока с эмодзи.

Рассмотрим один из возможных вариантов использования мемоджи:

  1. Откройте сообщения в iPhone;
  2. Нажмите на иконку App Store возле строки ввода для открытия iMessage;

Street ARtist: Design AR Graffiti with your iPad

Creating Graffitis in AR on the fly and everywhere with your iPad and the Street ARtist iOS app.

Apple Developer Academy | Federico II

Apple Developer Academy | Federico II


We are the CrispyMacPro Team and in this article we are pleased to show you our app “StreetARtist”, created at the Apple Developer Academy in Naples (Italy). It is a student project, that came up during a Mini Challenge in Early 2020, aimed to a very specific category of people: street artists, graffiti-makers that take this art really seriously.

The Research

We had to get in touch with our target. Out of 33 municipalities, 14 of them give street artists the authorization to use some walls for their art. We live in one of them, and it was not so hard to find professionals in this field. Each of them was enthusiastic about sharing their experience with us, and we learnt a lot. Apparently, they all had one big problem in common: sketching. In fact, 16 out of 20 street artists make a sketch before actually making the graffiti. Looks like a must actually! For wide-sized murales, artists even have to use a projector for some design tests. This was very interesting. Even if they could give the impression of working without schemes, street artists plan carefully their work. Technology is already being used by some of them to help in the process, but there aren’t many easy and light-weighted tools they can carry around, so we decided to go more in-deep on this.

The Story

Meet Warren, a 23 years old street artist. Today he wakes up, and a new, vivid and flashing mix of strokes and sprays takes shape in his mind. Here it comes another day to express his art!

This time, he was commissioned to make a graffiti on the huge facade of a school. A lot of kids will smile after staring at his work! It will be surely one of his best creations, but that fear again…what if the proportions of that wall aren’t so clear in his mind? What if he makes another, undeletable, mistake? This feeling got him really uncomfortable sometimes. It would be really useful for him to bring a sketchbook, but it’s still so different and abstract from his “real” canvas.

A team of young developers has met Warren, like you did now, and chose to help him. They heard his story, followed him, saw him in action and admired his art. Warren had clear ideas on his mind, he knew what could have been useful for him, what he was missing, and the team did their best to convey those needs in one single solution.

Another day. Warren wakes up, and brings his iPad with him. No more mistakes or abstract calculations! Warren has the StreetARtist App now! He gets the tablet, takes a pic of the wall, and with the ApplePencil draws a perfect sized sketch of what he has in mind. Then, AR allows him to check everything before moving on. And finally, with no more doubts, time to fire the spray!

Warren in Action

Your turn: get the spray can!

Get ready to cross the streets with Warren and see your art coming to life! Try our app using the TestFlight link, take your Apple Pencil, create your graffiti, and save in your new personal Graffiti Sketchbook. Try showing it in different places, bring it everywhere with the AR!

Street ARtist: The features

The app gives the user the opportunity to draw, using suitable effective tools implemented with the PencilKit framework, thus including the possibility to use the Apple Pencil, and allowing total freedom in expressing the imagination during the drawing design process. You can start by taking a photo, using a blankboard, or if you want to start from a predefined background, you can also insert an image from your gallery as a background, to possibly improve the quality of your own designs. To make the experience as a street artist more immersive, then the user has the possibility to insert his drawing into reality, through the ARKit framework, being able to also stretch it according to the perspective. Obviously the user has to keep track of their progress; so the app also offers the possibility of saving old drawings, to preview them in a second moment, or to show other aspiring “street artist” your own fantasy.

The Frameworks

We achieved this with 3 main Frameworks: PencilKit, ARKit and SpriteKit.

PencilKit is a simple and user-friendly way to give everything needed to sketch on the iPad, with nice results in just a few lines of code. Just need to load canvas and picker, and it’s all ready.

ARKit and SpriteKit on the other hand, work together to preview the 2D drawing on the wall, or any surface you want. Just touch the screen and the image gets converted into a node for the AR.


We hope our app will be useful to support the hard work of graffiti artists all over the world, although everyone can have fun with it! Hope you enjoy it, thanks all for reading!

Developed by the CrispyMacPro Team

Alessandra Montanino, Valerio Volpe, Gennaro Casolaro, Gianmarco Fiorillo, Ruggiero Maria Serio, Michele Simonetti

Как рисовать граффити

Поделитесь ссылкой с друзьями

Graffiti Creator 4+

Graffiti Creator provides you a way to create a cool graffiti with your own text, it may be your name, your girlfriend's name, or even name of whom you like.

— DRAW text "STEP BY STEP" on the wall.
— SAVE graffiti into your Photos.

Let's download Graffiti Creator, then creating a fantastic graffiti for your own.


Graffiti Creator is free to download. Graffiti Creator Pro Subscription gives you unlimited access to our premium content. Graffiti Creator Pro offers one auto-renewing subscription — $6.99/month.

These prices are for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence.

Your subscription will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your subscription will be charged through your iTunes account. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings but refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term. Alternatively, there is a "Manage Subscription" menu option in the App Settings menu.

Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period for the amount that you subscribed to.

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