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How To Use Picsart App By Technical Raza : Use it for FREE!

Welcome to In this post, we are going to explain one of the best photo and video editing app Picsart Photo & Video Editor app. We ate going to explain all the features of the Picsart app. We will also be going to explain to you How To Use Picsart App By Technical Raza. We will also be going to tell you a few shortcuts, tips, and tricks of the Picsart app. How much this app will cost you and we will also be going to discuss how users have rated this app. So let’s not wait anymore and let’s understand everything about the Picsart app.

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How To Use Picsart App By Technical Raza

There are lots of video editing apps and a lot more photo editing apps. But the Picsart app is one true editing app, which if you have downloaded it; you don’t have to go into the loops of switching from one app to another for small things. Let’s understand Picsart App by learning about the features of the Picsart app.

Main Features of Picsart App:

Picsart App is one of the greatest photo editing and video editing apps. It has been loaded with multiple features. If you wish to know Picsart App, you should be familiar with its features. As mentioned above it has two main components

  1. Photo Editor
  2. Video Editor

But along with these, there are other main parts of this app as mentioned in the picture attached. Since you want to understand Picsart App, let’s explore these parts broadly one by one and understand how these parts are working and how can we learn how to use Picsart App.

Download Picsart App

The Picsart app is available on the Google play store and on IOS also. To download the app, you have to go to the Google Play Store, and you can download the Picsart app from the link below. Once you download it, Picsart App may ask for permission depending on your mobile phone setting.

Making an Account on Picsart

Once you finish downloading and installing of Picsart app, the next thing you will be asked is to make an account on Picsart. You have three ways to do that

  1. Make an account through Email: You can make an account on Picsart from any mail.
  2. Link and make an account through Google Account: Picsart can also be made from a Google account
  3. Link and make an account through Facebook: Picsart account can also be made by linking your Facebook account on Picsart.

Once you finished establishing your Picsart account, you will be asked if you like paid version, monthly or yearly. You can either choose a paid version or can opt for the free version. The Picsart app will have certain features that are not available in the free version and are only have in the paid version. To answer your query about How To Use Picsart App By Technical Raza, you can learn with any of the versions.

Paid version will have the following two options

12-month option: 649 INR or approximately 8$

3-month option: 199 INR approximately 2.5$

But the good news is you don’t have to pay upfront you will have an option of 7 days trial period, which you can cancel anytime if you don’t like the Picsart app for 7 days.

Home Screen

Let’s understand Picsart App with the understanding of the home screen to start with.

Home screen Picsart has the following portions-

  1. Edit A Photo
  2. Edit A video
  3. Make a collage
  4. Background
  5. Apply Effects
  6. Retouch

Now let’s explore each option one by one in detail-

How To Use Picsart App By Technical Raza


In this section, you can edit any picture that you have saved on your device. You will have the following tools and options to edit the picture. These options are visible at the bottom of your screen-

If you click on this option, you will be taken to the paid version page. You will be shown here the yearly and three-month paid options. Pricing of the same is mentioned above. At the bottom of this page, you will be assured that you cancel anytime and it will be renewed automatically.


The next part is the tool. Once you click on the Tools section, there are lots of options here. Let’s go through each tool one by one so you know How To Use Picsart App. These tools are described as follows-

Crop: Here you can Crop your pictures in a standard crop shape, which is either a square or rectangular Shape.

Free Crop: Free Crop is selecting the crop area in non-rectangular or in a free shape.

Shape Crop: It has predefined crop shapes like hearts, circles, stars, ice, cloud, etc. Recently Shape crop tool has been moved to the cutout section from the tools section.

Dispersion: The dispersion tool disperses your picture. The same can be understood from the attached picture. We are hoping that these illustrations will help you in answering your query about How To Use Picsart App.

How To Use Picsart App By Technical Raza

Clone: As the name suggests, this tool will help you in making the clone or copy of selected areas.

Remove: This tool is opposite to the clone tool. With this tool, you can remove any part of the picture without affecting the rest of the picture.

Stretch: Here in this stretch tool, you can stretch any selected part of your screen.

Motion: You can say it is the extended version of the clone tool. It’s like showing a trail of any selected part.

Selection: It let you select an area in a rectangular shape. After selection, you can perform many actions like copy, paste, effects, crop and inverse or deselect, etc.

Curves: This part lets you reshape part of your pictures in skew or round and similar shapes.

Adjust: This tool will give you the option of changing the brightness, contrast, clarity, saturation, hue, highlight, shadow, and temperature settings of your picture.

Enhance: This tool will have two options, enhance and saturation. You can modify these to the field easily by dragging from positive to negative direction.

Tilt Shift: With this tool, you can blur the rest of the picture except the part that you want to put focus on.

Perspective: This tool has been moved under the crop tools now. Here you can tilt the angle of viewing, making it near or from you and kind of angular distortion.

Resize: Resize tool lets you change the size of the picture by entering pixels manually

Flip/Rotate: This toll has also moved under the crop tool. As the name suggests, it will let you rotate or flip your picture by certain angles.

AI Enhancement: Improve photos by adding pixels, reducing blur, and fixing details automatically.

If you want to know How To Use Picsart App, then you must have to have the knowledge of above tools and their functionality.


Once you click on Effects (written as an fx icon) you will have many options to add effects to your picture. In simple words, you can understand Effects as providing and enhancing brightness colour, and contrast to the pictures. A few of these effects are as follows-

Simple: It has approximately 50+ effects. Dodger, BLR, NTRL, and BRNZ to name a few.

FX: It has approximately 35 effects. HRD, Noise, Film, Glitch to name a few.

B&W: More of black & white effects. There are approx. 15 effects inside this head.

BLUR: It will make your pictures blur to some degree. There are approximately 10 effects inside this head.

SKETCH: (I personally like this effect the most) In this effect you can make your picture a sketch, a cartoon, etc. There are approximately 10 effects inside this head.

COLORS: Here You can replace the colours of your pictures, can make them full of one colour e.g. Green, Hue, Negative, etc. There are approx. 50 such amazing effects.

ARTISTIC: Here in this effect, you can have artist-like effects to your picture. Oil painting effects, Mirror, Fish Eye, Chopped, Fan, and Water drop are a few of the 50+ Effects.

MAGIC: Next Effect is the Magic effect. Here you can make the magic effects into your picture; it ranges from making you a skeleton to some paradise-type effects.

CANVAS: In this effect, You can insert pictures in picture effects in some artistic way. It has around 5 effects for you to try.

Paper: Paper Effect is next in line. Here your picture will be given a stencil effect.


Retouch is a super powerful and unique tool probably one of its kind, and may be one of the reasons for you to understand about Picsart App. It has the following unique features.

Face: The face tool lets you do the correction on the shape and size of your face, forehead, nose, Lips, Eyes, and Eyebrows. Also, you can stretch or skew your overall face, forehead, chin, etc. to make your face more photogenic.

HD Portrait: HD Portrait is Paid feature of the Picsart app. This tool will make your pic an HD portrait with the help of AI [Artificial Intelligence].

Smooth: This function will let you smooth your skin or any part of your picture manually. It has three functionality auto, manual, and erase.

Eye Bag: This is a premium feature of the Picsart app, this function lets you beautify your eyes.

Face Fix: This tool lets you brush manually on the areas of your face that you want to make smooth.

Makeup: This tool lets you do the makeup of your face virtually. Even if you haven’t done makeup, you will be looking like one with makeup with the help of this tool.

Blemish: It will let you remove Blemish from the areas you want, manually.

Skin Tone: This tool has multiple skin tone colour and let you beautify the skin in your picture auto or manually.

Hair Color: You can change the colour and texture of your hair into any colour with the help of this tool.

Details: This tool lets you brush over your eyes and lips to get more details out of these parts.

Eye Color: Can change your eye color to the one of your choice.

Teeth Color: It will let you whiten your teeth and hence will enhance your picture.

Relight: This tool will let you change the light texture of your picture.

The explanation of each tool must have been able to address your original query of How To Use Picsart App By Technical Raza.

Remove BG [Paid]:

This is the paid version feature of the Picsart app. This will let you remove the background of your pictures and let you replace it with some other background or change the colour palette of it.


Sticker lets you insert many preloaded stickers into your picture. This further you can blend it or make some adjustments with many other supported effects, to make it more attractive and appealing.


The cutout tool helps you cut out any part from your picture in many shapes.


It will let you insert some retro and predefined effects into your pictures.

This tool helps you write or insert any kind of text. The text supported is in different fonts and you can customize it according to your need.

Add Photo:

This is the option that lets you add a different photo to your main picture.

This feature lets you fit your picture into different backgrounds and different images. You can reshape your picture accordingly.


This feature of Picsart has many automatic preloaded brushes, you can brush with Rainbow, can brush with heart shape store, can brush with flower stroke, or many other unique types of brushes.


You can decorate your picture with many preloaded borders.

The mask feature of the Picsart app lets you have a semi-transparent theme to be attached to your pictures. For example, you have a Holi colour theme on your pictures, or you can have a love theme attached to your picture at the time of Valentine’s Day.

This can be best understood with the pic attached.

How To Use Picsart App By Technical Raza

You can draw any shapes of brushes and strokes on your pictures

Lens Flare:

This tool will create lenses flair effect on your pictures.

Shape Mask:

A shape mask will mask your picture in some predefined shapes and the rest of the part can be replaced by any other colour or pattern or background.


Your picture will be framed with some cool predefined frames.


You can add the effects of HELLO, HI, etc. into your pictures.

With this, we are confident that we have completed your learning for How To Use Picsart App By Technical Raza for Edit a Photo.


After extensive details of the photo editing function, let’s jump to how to edit a video. Let’s understand what kinds of tools are being provided by Picsart to edit a video.

Here are the main functionalities provided by Picsart to edit a video.

This is a gem of a feature you can crop the area of your video clip. This could be free size, Square size, 3:4 Sizes, 16:9 Size, and square size. You will be given the best-fit option for social media platforms i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

This feature of Picsart allows you to split your video or make a mirror of it. Other than there are more technical features also like layer addition etc.


This feature has many cosmetic features. A few of them are as follows-

  1. Contrast
  2. Saturation
  3. Hue
  4. HSL [Hue, Saturation, Lightness Together]
  5. Highlights: This feature lets you highlight the main part of your videos.
  6. Shadow
  7. Temperature

This feature lets you extract audio clips from any other source or video and you can input or import this in your current video.


This feature is segregating Picsart from other ordinary apps. This is one of the reasons why everyone wants to know How To Use the PicsArt App By Technical Raza. With this feature, you can give extra effects to your video from a retro look to a classical look from an animation effect to a sci-fi effect. Some of the effects are as follows-

  1. Simple
  2. FX
  3. B&W
  4. Colours: Invert, Negative, Colorize, BRN, Hue, Neo colour, etc.
  5. Artistic: Paint Brush type effect, fish eye, mirror effect, etc.
Add Text:

You can add text to your video with the help of this feature.


You can add pre-loaded stickers to your video and can adjust them in your video with the help of functionality of colour, size, shape rotation, hue, etc.

Add Photo:

You can add any picture to your video with this tool in the Picsart video editor.

This feature lets you fit your video into different backgrounds, different images, different colour palettes, etc. You can reshape your picture accordingly.

The next main feature of the Picsart app is to make a collage.

Make a Collage:

Once you click on this option, you will be asked to select pictures to make a collage. Once you selected pictures, you will be asked to click on next. Once you click on next, you will have the following four options-


You can choose any layout of your choice from collage from preloaded layouts. There are 50+ preloaded layouts to choose from. Ratio:


You will be given the best-fit option for social media platforms i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, etc Or you can choose other standard ratios like 16:9, 3:4, or square, etc.


You can remove the background of your collage from this feature.

Now let’s explore the rest of the remaining main features


The usage of the background has been described both in photo editing as well as video editing feature. The only difference is if you click on this tool from this tab, you have a plain background and you may have to add a picture or video whereas what we have explained was the other way around. The picture was there earlier and you have to choose the background. Rests of the functionality are the same.

Apply Effects:

Apply effect; we have already explained more or less while explaining Photo editing and video editing.


This also we have already explained more or less while explaining Photo editing and video editing.

We are sure by now you must be able to answer extensively everything about Picsart App.

Now let’s move to over next section of FAQs

FAQs related to How To Use Picsart App By Technical Raza:

In this section let’s try to answer those questions that our readers have asked us regarding How To Use Picsart App. Let’s explore these questions-

How to Download Picsart App?

The Picsart app can be downloaded from the Google play store for Android and the apple store for IOS. The link is given in the post above; you can download it from there.

How to Make an Account on Picsart App?

You can make an account on the Picsart app from any of the three methods mentioned below-

  1. From any mail id
  2. From Google account
  3. From Facebook account

How to use Picsart for PC?

Picsart can be directly on PC by accessing the website of Picsart that is

How can we start the Picsart app download for pc?

You don’t have to download the Picsart app on your PC. You can access Picsart and all its functionality by visiting the Picsart website. The link has been given in the previous question.

How to edit photos on mobile?

In this post, we have explained in detail how one can edit photos and pictures with the help of the Picsart app.

How do we change the Background for Picsart?

Background can be altered or changed in Picsart with the help of the background tool. Read above to know more in detail.

How can a Photo editing image be completed?

Picsart is one such amazing that all you need to edit any image. Please read the post carefully to how to use Picsart.

Are there any apps like Picsart but free?

Well, quality comes with a price. Though Picsart is a paid app, there are many features that are available for free. So instead of searching for finding apps like Picsart but free, please read our post carefully and we are sure you would be able to find many features free of cost only.

Please name a few editing apps like Picsart.

A few of the editing apps like Picsart are as follows-

YouCam, Bazaart, Pixlr, Conva

With this have concluded our discussion on the Picsart app and How To Use Picsart App By Technical Raza. We are confident that by now you must have been well-versed with Picsart and its working. If you still have left any questions, please feel free to ask us through the comment section.

Picsart APK + MOD (Gold Unlocked) v23.0.3

Editing to create a beautiful photo has never been so easy with Picsart, the great app for photography enthusiasts. With just a few simple steps, you can add filters, effects and text to your photo, making it more eye-catching than ever. Download Picsart today and edit amazing photos together!

Introduce about Picsart

What is Picsart?

Picsart is a photo and video editing application that was released by the publisher of the same name in November 2011. Up to now, more than a decade later, this application has been available in the market, Picsart has just hit the milestone about 1 billion downloads on Android platform alone. A really big number.

With so much to do with a photo, Picsart makes sure every photo you edit turns into a work of art. Users can completely unleash their creativity, integration, and combination of any effects they want to make the photo the most perfect, according to their wishes.

Lots of colorful effects

To keep up with the current trend, young people will want to edit their photos with different colors to create their own personality for each photo. For example, with cheerful photos, you need to highlight with bright, dynamic colors. Or when you want to blow a little mood into the photo, you will look for quiet colors. Luckily, Picsart does this very well! The application is always updated regularly. Any effect you want, Picsart can deliver.

With just a few simple steps such as choosing color gamut, handling brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. Most importantly, they are very easy to use, users can produce a photo that suits their intentions. Besides, Picsart prepares for users a lot of eye-catching available frames. These frames will help your photos become artistic.

Insert stickers

Another cool feature of Picsart is the application that allows users to add stickers to photos or even videos that you edit. Stickers have become so familiar when you can completely see them in pictures that someone posts on social networks. These stickers make photos more personal and impressive than ever and of course, Picsart has a lot of different stickers for you to choose from. These stickers can be divided into different groups with diverse content such as Weather, Temperature, Emotions, etc.

Besides, it is impossible not to mention another interesting feature that is to insert text into the image. To make the photo more depth, you definitely have to add a few sentences, quotes to your photo. For example, a philosophical sentence or a passage from your favorite song will turn your photo into an extremely high quality quote. Choose a suitable font to make your picture perfect.


Picsart users can combine multiple photos together into the same photo. It doesn’t matter the original size of those photos, all you need to do is select the photos you want and Picsart will help you resize them to fit into a photo.

You can choose to combine photos in a classic style or arbitrarily arrange the order as well as the sinking and floating of each picture. Don’t forget, users can link the application with the photo store in the phone, so you don’t have to take pictures with Picsart’s camera.

Share photos with friends

Picsart allows users to link to your other social networking accounts like Facebook, Instagram… This means you can share your beautiful photos on these social networking platforms. Everyone wants to share their beautiful moments and people do this every day, every hour. With Picsart create amazing photos and show them off to your friends.

Effects and filters for Gold Member

Although the Picsart application and most of the features inside it are basically free, there are still some effects that you have to pay to use. Of course in terms of quality, you won’t be disappointed when you spend your money on these effects. Your photos are sure to become stunning with VIP filters and features. Their prices fluctuate around a few dollars an effect. Picsart will have quite deep discounts for users to buy impressive effects at affordable prices.

However, there is another way to own all the above effects without spending a dime, which is to download Picsart MOD APK on APKMODY.COM. We bring you the best MOD version with full VIP features in Picsart for Gold Member, and of course, it’s free.

MOD APK version of Picsart

MOD feature

Gold Features Unlocked

What do you get when you use Picsart Gold?

The MOD version of APKMODY.COM unlocked Picsart Gold. You just need to download the app and use it for free. As a Gold member, you get some of the following benefits:

  • Unlock all paid filters.
  • Unlock 3000+ stickers, backgrounds, frames, Front…
  • Unlock all paid editing tools.
  • No advertising.

How to login?

Picsart MOD APK does not require login to use.

However, you need to log in (with Email or Facebook) to use some community features.

The application may crash when you click on the Gold icon. Please don’t do that!

FAQs about Picsart

What are users worried about?

Picsart allows users to use photo collages and edit them for free. But users who want to upgrade the photo editing tools have to pay a monthly fee.

When you sign up for Picsart’s premium packages, you’ll be free to edit with a full set of applications and effects without limitation. From there you can upgrade your Gold membership to edit videos and photos more professionally.

The regular version can still meet the needs of normal photo editing, but if you are someone who works in an environment that requires professional photo editing, why not upgrade your account, right?

Does Picsart guarantee all features?

Picsart guarantees all features for users when logging into PicsArt Gold account within 3 months.

What devices does Picsart support?

Currently, the app has versions for Android, iOS, and Windows.

Gold Membership monthly price?

$4.66 / month for one users.
$6.24 / month for Team account.

Some questions about Picsart MOD APK

Completely safe. We tested and used this app for a while before sharing it on APKMODY.COM. You can rest assured about the application.

What should I do when Picsart MOD is not working?

If there is any problem about Picsart MOD APK, please leave a comment below the article or contact us directly via Email or social networks. We will try to fix it as soon as possible!

Picsart’s Free Photo Editing Tools Are Now Integrated into Google Drive

Picsart in Google Drive

Picsart has announced that its entire web-based photo editor is available directly integrated into Google Drive. The app enables users to edit Google Drive images in Picsart’s Web Editor and save them back to Drive in one connected interface.

Picsart, which is mostly known for its wildly popular smartphone app, expanded with a web-based photo editor in October of 2020. The company has worked with Google to make those tools available as Drive extension. This enables users to edit images using Picsart’s engine without having to leave the Drive platform.

Integration within Drive means direct access to a host of editing capabilities including background removal, templates, filters, effects, stickers, and text. In short, if it’s available in Picsart’s browser editor, it’s available in Google Drive.

Picsart says that the integration with Google Drive is part of a wider push to better serve the creator economy at large and comes after Picsart rebranded last year to appeal to this audience.

“Bringing Picsart to our creators right where they work is a true time saver and friction reducer,” Peter Butler, Director of Platform Partnerships at Picsart says.

Picsart in Google Drive

“By offering Drive users a way to enhance their content with our editing tools just a click away, we further our mission to empower the creator in everyone.”

Anyone can install Picsart for Google Drive for free from the Google Workspace Marketplace. The free version has a lot of functionality, but Picsart’s “Gold” tier has the best of what the company offers, including tools like background removal, the ability to edit in batches, access to templates, and select stickers and fonts are only accessible through the $4.66 monthly paid subscription.

Picsart says it remains the #19 most downloaded app worldwide with at least 150 million active monthly creators and over one billion edits created every month. The company says its platform features thousands of image editing tools, including advanced AI-powered tools and a massive library of free-to-edit content, and says that makes it one of the largest open-source content collections in the world.

Picsart in Google Drive

In August of last year, Picsart secured $130 million in funding with a post-money valuation of roughly $1.5 billion that it said it would use to dramatically expand. Its availability within Google Drive is one such step.

Создание коллажей и обработка фото с PicsArt

Фотография – это неотъемлемая часть личных блогов, бизнес-аккаунтов и социальных сетей в целом. Главным инструментом для оформления визуальной составляющей является графический редактор. Данный сегмент предлагает массу решений, одно из таких – PicsArt.

Что это за редактор

Разработчик позиционирует свой продукт как программу для профессиональной обработки фотографий. Да, редактор действительно может похвастаться разносторонним, эффективным, а вместе с тем удобным инструментарием. Но до возможностей того же Photoshop ему ещё далеко. Тем не менее для своей целевой аудитории он является отличным подспорьем.

фото 62_2022

PicsArt обладает всеми необходимыми инструментами для рисования с нуля, создания коллажей и глубокой обработки фотографии. Посредством расширенной версии так и вовсе можно отредактировать видео с аудиодорожкой. Программа активно использует технологию искусственного интеллекта, освобождая пользователя от рутины.

Функции и возможности приложения

Программа предлагает большой выбор инструментов для редактирования фотографий, начиная от выравнивания горизонта и заканчивая сложной художественной обработкой материала. Также имеется внушительный набор фильтров, эффектов, рамок и прочего.

Ключевые возможности PicsArt:

  1. Коллаж. Группа предназначена для работы с коллажами. Пользователю требуется указать нужный формат, выбрать исходные изображения и определиться с эффектом.
  2. Инструменты. Здесь собраны инструменты для корректировки базовых параметров: трансформация, обрезка, цветовой тон, насыщенность, надписи, стикеры и т.п.
  3. Эффекты. Группа отвечает за фильтры и маски: винтаж, сепия, бумага, размытие, замена объектов и прочее.
  4. Селфи. С помощью раздела можно снять фото и тут же приступить к базовому редактированию. Имеется много профессиональных настроек, вроде выдержки, цветовой гаммы, контрастности и т.п.
  5. Рисование. Группа предназначена для классической отрисовки проекта с нуля с сопутствующим инструментарием: карандаши, кисти, градиенты, текст и т.д.
  6. Публикация. Раздел отвечает за синергию с социальными сетями. Готовые проекты можно публиковать на стенах или отправлять личными сообщениями.

Полученные изображения можно сохранить в самых разных форматах, в том числе профессиональных, вроде RAW или PDF. При этом экспорт и импорт материала происходит без критичных потерь в качестве.

Где можно использовать

PicsArt – это кроссплатформенный продукт. Программу с одинаковым успехом можно использовать как на десктопных ПК, так и на мобильных устройствах. Для последних фоторедактор прекрасно адаптирован с учётом специфики управления.

PicsArt работает на следующих платформах:

  • Windows 8.1/10/11;
  • macOS 11.0 и поздних версиях;
  • Android 4.2 >;
  • iOS 12.0.

Программа распространяется бесплатно, но с некоторыми нюансами. По умолчанию функциональные возможности сильно ограничены (с точки зрения профессионала). Для разблокировки нужных инструментов придётся оформлять подписку (App Store), либо совершать внутренние покупки (Windows, Android). Стоимость месячной подписки обойдётся примерно в 500 рублей.

Как скачать и установить

Дистрибутив PicsArt можно найти на официальных сервисах Microsoft и Apple. Разработчик не гарантирует стабильную работу программы, если та была скачена со сторонних ресурсов. В этом случае пользователь не сможет получать обновления и обращаться в техническую поддержку.

Установка полной версии PicsArt Pro на Windows:

  1. Переходим в официальный магазин Microsoft:
  2. Кликаем по кнопке с надписью: «Получить».
  3. Дожидаемся окончания установки.
  4. Запускаем программу с ярлыка на рабочем столе.

Установка на Android:

  1. Переходим на Google Play:
  2. Нажимаем на кнопку «Установить».
  3. Предоставляем программе права на доступ к фото- и видеоконтенту.
  4. По окончанию установки ярлык появится на рабочем столе.

Установка на macOS и iOS:

  1. Открываем магазин App Store:фото-и-видео-редактор/id587366035.
  2. Выбираем вкладку с нужной платформой: iPad, iPhone, macOS.
  3. Нажимаем на «Установить».
  4. Запускаем программу с ярлыка на рабочем столе.

Интерфейс программы

Редактор фото имеет практически нулевой порог вхождения, в отличие от того же Photoshop. Интерфейс не перегружен элементами, а каждый отдельный инструмент имеет подробное описание. Запутаться в меню очень сложно.

фото 61_2022

Здесь мы имеем классическое расположение ключевых элементов: левая часть отведена под основные инструменты, а на правой находятся панели с дополнительными настройками. Управление окнами происходит посредством основного меню. Инструменты разбиты на вышеупомянутые группы и доступны по первому клику.

Как пользоваться утилитой

Рассмотрим самую популярную версию PicsArt – для мобильных платформ. Местный интерфейс максимально упрощён и в первозданном виде представляет собой полоску с иконками в нижней части экрана. Всё остальное пространство занимает исходный материал.

Работа с программой:

  1. Открываем PicsArt и нажимаем на значок «+», чтобы загрузить фото. Другой вариант – сделать селфи с помощью одноимённого пункта меню.
  2. Подгоняем изображение под нужный формат социальных сетей. Кликаем по пункту «Инструмент» -> «Размер». На выбор есть портрет, сторис (для «Инстаграм»), квадрат и другие форматы.
  3. В разделе «Селфи» настраиваем цветовой тон, насыщенность, контрастность и прочие параметры.
  4. С помощью инструментов группы «Эффекты» накладываем нужные маски и фильтры.
  5. Включаем в изображение текстовую информацию выбрав пункт «Текст».
  6. При необходимости добавляем стикеры из соответствующего раздела.
  7. Также есть возможность оформить фотографию в рамку.
  8. Сохраняем проект, нажатием на икону с изображением дискеты.
  9. С помощью пункта «Публикация» можно поделиться полученным результатом в социальных сетях.

фото 62_2022

С последними обновлениями программа получила локализованный раздел справки, что заметно облегчило работу с редактором русскоязычным пользователям.

Дополнительно о работе в редакторе:

Отзывы о программе

Несмотря на большое количество установленных копий – больше 11 млн, средняя оценка PicsArt колеблется в районе 4 баллов из 5. Пользователей в целом полностью устраивают функциональные возможности программы, но только после оформления подписки. Бесплатный вариант слишком скудный на инструменты.

Тем не менее базовых возможностей хватает для любителей и новичков. Также многие сетуют на медленную работу приложения на слабых устройствах. В сегменте есть конкуренты с аналогичным инструментарием, но с более быстрым откликом на действия пользователя. Владельцы средней и мощной техники никаких проблем не испытывают.


Графических редакторов для мобильных устройств очень много, поэтому конкурентов у PicsArt более чем достаточно. Рассмотрим наиболее востребованные у отечественного потребителя решения.


Программа отличается обилием шаблонов буквально на все случаи жизни. Готовые пресеты значительно облегчают рутину, избавляя пользователя от базового редактирования источника. Canva предлагает сотни фигур, значков, стикеров, текстур и других украшательств.

Часть инструментов редактора заточена именно под социальные сети, вроде «Инстаграм» или «Твиттер». Имеются версии как для мобильных устройств на платформе Android и iOS, так и десктопные модификации для Windows и macOS. Программа распространяется бесплатно для некоммерческого использования.

Приложение может похвастаться наличием профессиональных инструментов для всесторонней настройки параметров изображения. Помимо классической трансформации с обрезкой можно поработать с температурой, насыщенностью, прозрачностью и другими критичными для публикации значениями.

Один из существенных плюсов программы – отсутствие рекламы в бесплатной версии. Редактор одинаково хорошо показал себя и в среде iOS, и на платформе Android. Приложение не тормозит даже на слабых устройствах, что также является преимуществом.


Программа имеет больше 1,5 млн скачиваний и среднюю оценку в 4,5 балла из 5 на Google Play. Редактор можно назвать универсальным благодаря обилию инструментов для обработки изображений. Есть кисти, точечная коррекция, работа с цветовой гаммой, эффекты и многое другое.

Полезный инструмент – история. Пользователь всегда может вернуться к прошлым этапам: откатить изменения или что-то переделать. Важное преимущество Snapseed перед конкурентами – бесплатная лицензия распространения.

PicsArt – это во многом удачное решение, но лишь для активных пользователей социальных сетей. Раскошеливаться на платную подписку нет необходимости тем, кто публикует фотографий от случая к случаю. В Сети достаточно бесплатных аналогов со схожим набором инструментов.

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